Bridal Shower Venue Boston Ma Wenham Tea House

The Wenham Tea House featuring Henry’s Fine Foods is an excellent location for your next bridal or baby shower.  To view their beautiful website and location, please go to:

The Wenham Tea House also does wonderful weddings, rehearsal dinner parties, cocktail parties, wedding receptions and more.

The Wenham Tea House has one of the best baby shower venues on the North Shore MA, as it is America’s oldest continuously-operating Tea House.  It is also know for a great brunch north of Boston, and has a beautiful patio and courtyard for entertaining needs.


Why is the Wenham Tea House so unique?

And You Thought We Just Served Tea

Established in 1912, the Wenham Tea House is one of the oldest Tea Houses in the country.  The Wenham Tea House is owned by the Wenham Village Improvement Society, a philanthropic organization which turns profits back to the community through scholarships, summer programs, and other philanthropies.  The Tea House is operated by Henry’s Foods, Inc. based out of Beverly, Massachusetts.

The year was 1893, Queen Victoria was still on the throne of England and Grover Cleveland occupied the White House.  It was in this year that a small group of spirited women met and formed the Wenham Village Improvement Society.  Its original purpose, to contribute to the welfare of the town’s people, has continued through more than one hundred years of private effort.

The Wenham Tea House and Shoppe have played an integral part in “downtown” Wenham, joining Town Hall, the Wenham Museum and the First Church of Wenham as a cornerstone of the town square.

The annual profits from the Wenham Tea House have been used to reinvest in the business and provide funds for the WVIS to contribute to the life of the community by making gifts to local organizations including Wenham Museum, the joint library, Acord food pantry, the local schools and the Hamilton-Wenham Community house.  The WVIS annually provides college scholarships, the summer park program, and maintains town tennis courts and the Tea House Playground.


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