Local Wine Tastings at the Wine Cellar

Notes from the Cellar

What’s happening my peeps,

As of this writing most of you are probably trying not to spontaneously combustIt’s hot out there! In an effort to keep things cool we are having a Summer Beer tasting on Thursday (4-7pm.) and I will conduct a Barbeque Summer Grilling Wine tastingwith 7 different wines to try on Saturday (2:30-5:30pm.) Swing by theWine Cellar where it is always in the mid sixties with a good chance of deliciousness :)

It’s time again in the newsletter for me to beat a dead horse, and talk about Rose’. But this is more about the state of Rose’ in the store, and most of you might not realize how this seasonal wine works.
We buy them (or make commitments) as early as February and in doing so lock in the best price for the wines. Many of the Rose’s we have are brought into the state based on these Pre-arrival orders, soonce they are gone there is no more available until the next vintage. Only a few are stocked by the distributor through the season and if we order more of them the price goes up dramatically. So what I have is it, and we are at the point where many of them are selling out, somy suggestion is if you liked something you’ve had take your own position on it and by enough to ensure you’ll have your favorite to the end of the season.

We will have another recipe for you in the new wine arrival section of the newsletter and here is a Fun Wine Fact;

Most people have heard of Chianti, the region in Tuscany, Italy that produces Red wine which is predominately made from Sangiovese. But did you know that there are seven sub-areas: Classico, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colline Pisane, Colli Senesi, Montalbano and Rùfina. And each one of these areas has a distinct style.

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Thank you all,

Gino and the Staff at the Wine Cellar.