Dinners at the Wenham Tea House featuring Henry’s Foods

Good Day to you all,
Well we are almost there, less than two weeks until Santa comes, or until you finish shopping and give (and receive) your gifts. Of course you know we can help with that, we will have some pre-made Gift Baskets, both Beer and Wine, along with a bunch of accessories so come on down.
Thanks once again to Vic Zalensky from Vine Connections
for his wonderful Argentine Wines and we hope you liked theHenry’s Ribs.This will be a annual tasting around this time of year.
This week Chris Snow of Charles River wine will be here and this tasting will show off the versatile portfolio that he represents and provide you with many options for whatever your needs are.
Suzanne Larkin of Light Touch Healing will be here every Saturday until the end of the month giving complementary 5 minute Chair massage and will be offering a special of buy 2 massages and receive one free! come try out her therapeutic abilities and buy you or someone else a great gift for the Holiday’s.
Berkshire Brewery Beers to taste on Thursday with Matt Hopkins, come on down between 4 and 7pm. Next Thursday the other Matt, Matt Maguire will taste us on Christmas Ales
we have in stock.

Starting in January (Date to be determined) The Wenham Tea House will be doing Dinner on Friday evenings. When a date is determined we will have more details on this so stay tuned to the News Letter and News from the Tea House as well.

Last but not least some of you have taken advantage of the
20% discount of purchases of Wine over $500.00. This will be available until the end of the year so don’t miss this opportunity to drink great wines for a fraction of the price, or give a nice gift to someone.
Fun Wine Fact;

Vouvray is the largest white wine appellation of the Anjou-Saumur-Touraine region of Loire, France and it produces splendid wines from dry and austere to the richest dessert wines, as well as excellent sparkling wines. Vouvray is made exclusively from Chenin Blanc, which has been grown in the region since the 4th century. The flint-clay, and limestone-clay soils lie on top of tuffeau, the limestone used to build the many châteaux of the surrounding countryside. The cool climate insures good acidity, which is balanced by the distinctly fruity character of the Chenin Blanc, and the mineral qualities imparted by the soil.

On average, 60% of each vintage is made into still wine and 40% is made sparkling. Sweet Vouvray is not usually made from grapes that have been allowed to remain on the vine until overripe and shriveled by the sun and wind, so the percentage of dry to sweet wine depends on each year’s growing conditions.  In a cool year, only dryer wines are made but in years where warm weather continues into fall, harvest for sweet wines is delayed until well into November (the latest harvest in France) and there may be several pickings in order to harvest the grapes at their moment of optimum ripeness.

Sparkling Vouvray shows all the qualities of the still wines but with an even more pronounced flavor of minerals. It is an excellent aperitif, but also an ideal sparkling wine to drink with a meal. Situated just across the Loire river from Vouvray is Montlouis-sur-Loire, which also makes dry, demi-sec, sweet and sparkling wines from 100% Chenin Blanc. Where the wines of Vouvray are fruity and floral, Montlouis-sur-Loire tends to reflect some of the more earthy and mineral notes of Chenin Blanc.


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