Wenham Tea House Shop

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

IMG_3005If you are like us, you love finding just the right gift for that special person on your list.  It doesn’t matter the holiday whether it is Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary or “just because,” it is always nice to know that someone put real time and thought into a gift that would be unique and distinctive to the recipient.  In our world of instant gratification through gift cards and next day delivery from Amazon, it is easy to get caught up in what is the fastest and easiest gift to buy.  That is why the Wenham Tea House gift shop is so distinctive and unique.

IMG_3001What makes the Wenham Tea House shop so wonderful?  To us, the most alluring part of our shop is the one-of-a-kind feel to many of the items offered.  It is a tea lovers dream shop.  Rare and stunningly beautiful tea sets, pots, and tea spoons adorn shelves, mantels and cases.  Styles and colors are varied and can coordinate with many types of kitchen or dinning room decor.  Tea lovers will also delight in the specialty teas such as: Irish Breakfast, Chamomile, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate, Cherry Blossom and Peppermint Spice all neatly encased in a beautiful tea box.

IMG_3000If you are looking for handmade or lovingly crafted items they are available as well. Hand knit blankets, hats, and sweaters for children are so distinctive and adorable.  Who wouldn’t love a knit hat that looks like an owl? Other handmade items include soaps, candles, cards, recipe books, and a bounty of local art.

You don’t have to settle for a common gift card from a box store when an exclusive gift from the Wenham Tea House can show how much you care.


Lessons Learned from Playing Tea Party

“One sugar or two?  Would you like cream with that? Please pass the tray of cookies.”

Playing tea party has been a fun childhood activity since the 1700s when High Tea became a much desired social activity in Britain.  Children would dole out pretend scones, cookies and of course tea served up in decorative tea pots with sugar and cream on the side. This same imaginative play has been repeated over and over in homes and preschools all over the globe since that time. While it may seem like simple child’s play, this time honored activity can help in the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of children.  Let’s take a look at how this very basic type of play can be so incredibly beneficial to children as they are just beginning to learn social norms, manners, etiquette and sharing.

All human beings benefit from play in one way or another.  Children probably benefit the most since their play mimics real life and “grown up” situations without the stress of who wins and loses.  These play scenarios allow children to try out behaviors and reactions to those situations.  Playing tea party, therefore, is a whole lot more than just imaginary hot water, cream and sugar. Tea Parties allow for social play, motor development and the ever important language development.

Social Play – According to renown pediatrician and parenting expert, Dr. William Sears, “Pretend play is the hallmark of the preschooler years.”  Social Play encourages children to interact with other children in a safe way.  A tea party allows for a perfect context of play that has unwritten rules about roles, activities and behaviors.  This practice play helps children learn how to get along with others, share and talk to each person. This is also a great time to practice new manners and rules of dining out.

Motor Development – Both gross motor and fine motor development is practiced in the simple act of holding a tea party.  Not only do children spend time setting up the table and chairs (gross motor) but they work their fine motor coordination with pouring, stirring and handing plates back and forth.  The development of these muscles will help with more complex games and activities as the child grows.

Language Development – Beyond age two, children begin putting words together into sentences of increasing length. Speech becomes more and more clear over the next few years. Using a tea party as the foundation, children get a chance to practice asking questions, waiting for responses and holding pretend conversations where listening is an important factor.

Here at the Wenham Tea House we love what we do.  One of our favorite events is holding Tea Parties and events for children where they may have an opportunity to practice these critical skills.  Join us for a fun afternoon party or bring your family by for breakfast or lunch and see how these interactions can mean the world to a child.